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What is FingerSnap?

FingerSnap is a Q&A community platform that aims to decentralize this market through advanced blockchain technology. A unique Token reward system based on the NTP1 standard (Neblio token protocol) is the driving force. Sharing knowledge will be rewarded again. With the help of this technology, we will visualize smart minds and their appreciation through the Peer to Peer Network! Good questions are also involved in our system. Earn/spend Token via Up - and Downvotes to provide consistent high quality content. This is done by our own FST Token (FingerSnap Token)


December 2019

Concept Introduction & Airdrop

At this stage we want to introduce ourselves and our idea behind FingerSnap.org. We want to bring our concept closer to potential users. This includes community work as well as the publication of the whitpaper. Furthermore, an Airdrop will take place. 3% of the available tokens will go to the community. If you want to stay up to date, follow us on our social media channels. Links can be found below on the website.

March 2020

Funding Phase

Of course, liquidity is an important part of a project. That's why we decided to put the financing in professional hands. Our partner IMBA Exchange fulfills all the requirements to have a successful IEO. The FST Token (FingerSnap Token) will be used to power the services on FingerSnap.org and can be purchased with the ImbaCoin, BTC, ETH and of course Neblio. An IEO has several advantages. Your tokens are in a secure environment and you have direct access after your purchase. Our token economics can be found in the graph on our website and in our whitepaper.

August - September 2020

Research & Developement

The Neblio Blockchain supports developers with a large number of helpful tools. Thanks to the Neblio API Suite, our development team can work to the highest standard in terms of security and performance. In addition, the network can be excellently scaled in the future and constantly expanded with new updates.

December 2020

Marketing Campaign & Branding

A strong brand and a high recognition value is our top priority. Marketing and the associated campaigns therefore also make use of a larger part of the funding. We want to build a far-reaching network that will sustainably strengthen the FingerSnap brand in the large Q & A market.


Global Market Expansion

We make it our mission to grow continuously, to gain market share in a large part of the web. We gladly accept this big challenge! We know that there are already large platforms with big fan bases! But in the age of WEB 3.0, decentralization and tokenization, FingerSnap.org wants to stand out as a pioneer and example! Join FingerSnap.og!

Distribution of Tokens

Research, Development & Legal
Marketing, Branding and Advisors
Team / Reserve

Token Economics

  • Platform: Neblio (NTP1)
  • Name: FST
  • Description: FingerSnap Token
  • Total Supply: 15m
  • Open to Public via Sale: 13.5m (90%) – Price is fixed at $0.024  ≙  $BTC, $ETH, $NEBL, $IMBA
  • Blocked Supply: 1.5m ( 1.05m Team/Reserve) +(0.45m for Airdrop)


The FST Token is build on the Neblio Blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

Neblio is an open-source, decentralized, and secure blockchain platform built for enterprise-level applications and services. Neblio is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain secured through staking the NEBL coin.

Neblio’s vision is focused on simplicity. They offer easy integration of new and existing legacy applications into the Neblio blockchain through REST APIs in eight different languages. The Neblio blockchain supports tokenized assets through Neblio Token Protocol-1 (NTP1). Neblio’s large block size allows for individualized token metadata, high data flexibility and high transaction throughput.

An IEO is still technically a form of ICO, but the main difference lies in where the coin or token is offered. As you might be able to guess from its name, an IEO offers tokens through a partnering exchange, rather than directly to investors.

The Airdrop follows strict rules. For successful participation, it is imperative that you have done the following things:

  • Register on FingerSnap.org
  • Add your Neblio (NTP1 compatible) Adress to the “About Me” section on your FingerSnap Profile
  • Add your Twitter Link to yourFingerSnap Profile
  • Follow FingerSnap on Twitter

This procedure is necessary to avoid multiple registrations and fraud. After successful setup you will receive your Tokens and your “Supporter” Badge!

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